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01-FR Marine Nationale

Evening dress, with
admiral cap nammed "at sea"
Option : orders
               and cloak

02-FR Marine Nationale Squadron vice-admiral

Service dress, with
cap made by Girard Paris
Option : badges


03-FR Marine Nationale           Commander

Evening dress
Option : orders

04-FR Marine Nationale
captain medic corps

Full dress 1968
Option : naval captain cap


05-Ital. squadron
Full dress 1945/70

Option : orders
               belt, sword



Sommer dress 1940
Option : orders
               belt, sword
except      cloak Vaisseau

Evening dress 1930/40
Option : aiguillettes


08-Jap.Navy -Lieutenant

Tenue de service 1940
Option : médals
              belt, dagger

09-Jap.Navy -Lieutenant
Origine : Hollywwod
Sommer dress 1940
             with aiguillettes
Option : médals
              belt, dagger 

except the gabardine cloak

10-DDR Volksmarine             Kapitän zur See

Full dress with belt
and aiguillettes
Option : dagger
               and hangers

11-Kaiserliche Marine
Frock coat : 1910
Option : orders
médals  belt dagger or sword


12-Kriegsmarine Kap zur See Land service dress
breeches and boots
Option : E.K. 1Kl. 1940
        badge U-Boat 1940
        dagger or sword

          Fregatten Kapitän
Sommer service dress
Option : E.K. 1Kl. 1940

        badge U-Boat 1914
        ceinturon, belliere,
        sabre ou dague
aiguillettes aide-de-camp


14-Kriegsmarine Oberl z. See
admiral's aide de camp
Evening dress with
adjutant aiguillettes
Option : E.K. 1Kl. 1940
   belt sword or dagger cloak


15-Royal Navy
Captain aide de camp
 of King Georges VI
Service dress1950
 belt and hanger  sword cloak   

16-Royal Navy Lieutn.
admiral's aide de camp

evening dress 1945/51
Option : mini-orders


17-Soviet Vice-admiral

Winter service dress1950
Option : belt
               badges & orders

18-FR- Engineer student
       of the "Ecoles des
                Arts & Métiers"

Tradition dress 1945-....
French Navy cut

19-FR Brigadier Géneral

Full dress 1900
Option : general sword

20-FR Controleur Général des Armées

Full dress circa 1968

21-Prussia Engineer officer
Service dress 1900
           adjutant scharpe
           black or white pants
            sabre belt
the overcoat

22-US-Navy rear-admiral    Sommer "tan" dress < 1975
Option : Medals
"US President Aid"  badge                 Aiguillettes

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