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Who is "The Uhlan" ?

I have been collecting headgears since 1965 and have had more than 140 helmets (my first German spiked helmet in 1972). All now have gone to other collectors .............

The rest will be proposed on this web-site (go to "for sale or exchange page" )
All the collectors with whom I have been dealing with have been satisfied. ....... Why not you too ?
michel bas

About "The Uhlan"

Fifres et tambours prussiens get a set of back issues
This site is dedicated to the GERMAN EMPIRE (Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Wurtembergs and other principalities) from 1871 to 1914. It.intended to cover the reigns of Kaisers Wilhelm I, Friedrich III and Wilhelm II. to show you this era on the point of view of the industrial techniques, the economy, army and uniformology (for collectors of spiked helmets and militaria), of the military music as in The UHLAN, previously published on paper.

Between October 1997 and March 2000, I published as an Association 9 issues.of the bulletin Le UHLAN in French and The UHLAN in English.
In fact there are a lot of German web-sites long ago more developped than this one
Will new issues of the Uhlan be published ? .......It is presently highly improbable ........ but who lives will see? michel bas

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