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"PRINCES, GENERAUX & Soldats allemands en 1900"
par Otto von der TRENSE

English readers : at the present time, the book is only published in French, we expect to publish an English issue in ...a while. Be patient or learn..... French !

Here is the critic of this book appeared in.......... 1900

excerpt from "LE SOURIRE", August 4th 1900 under the pen of Alphonse ALLAIS

" From our German friends.

" Although the bibliography field is not my privilege in " LE SOURIRE", I cannot help from commending to my elegant customers a book of the most documented - this detail at a pinch would let me cold, - but, especially, of greatest fun. You probably will treat me of a steep cosmopolitan, the author of this book is a German, even more, a former German officer, and he is nammed Otto von der TRENSE . His book is titled "GERMAN PRINCES, GENERALS AND SOLDIERS" and overflows of infinitely typical anecdotes that give out a sharper light on the life of the German court and army than could be learned by reading massive articles of serious magazines.

Alphonse ALLAIS "
Posthumous Works Vol.VI - La Table Ronde 1969

Germany of Wilhelm II was a to two faced empire, at the same time a feudal military state and an industrial power making great strides. This re-publishing, which will delight the crowd of kaiser Wilhelm's enthusiasts (1), should charm lovers of the sidelights on History of the turn of the XIXth to the XXth century. We decorated it with engravings and drawings contemporary to the text. Regarding photographs, they rather date from the 1900-1913 years, real spreading of the photography. The many works then published in France present the advantage to have escaped the harsh censorship that raged in the imperial Germany, forbidding there all critic concerning the emperor and the Berliner court. This book from 1900 is one of these.

michel bas - The Uhlan

(1) there are some ! collectors of spiked-helmets, reservists'pipes and beer steins and tin soldiers,......

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2014 : 18 € including shipping France

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