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the helmet of the semester 04 : helmet non-commissioned officer
of the 19th Dragoons Rgt. of Oldenburg

casque de Dragon du OldenbourgThis helmet is a fantasy model of non-commissioned officer. Dragoons had helmets with angular front peak and clover leaf spike basis, with a perlring, like those of the infantry helmets before 1867. The fantasy spike is here taller as the regular ones.

Trims are made of white-metal except the chinscales and the star under the coat of arms on the headplate.

The HP eagle of the Prussian dragoons is here of quality for officers; matt silvered. A small golden star with the coat of arms of the Oldenbourg in white metal distinguished the Oldenburger Rgt. Infantry and artillery helmets of the Oldenburg which had messing fittings had a silver star and white coat of arms of the great duchy.

Contrary to those of the other principalities, the eagle of the contingent of Oldenbourg (1 infantry Rgt , 1 of dragoons and 1 of field-artillery) had its scroll with the Prussian motto " Mit Gott für Koenig und Vaterland" and not "Mit Gott für Fuerst und Vaterland " as to the other great-duchies or duchies contingents.

The cockade on the left has the blue-red-lue Oldenburg colors. On the right, the rosette of the empire black-white-red.

Chinscales are convex as those of all the mounted troops.

The leather lining is of clear beige leather of the model of OR. helmets.

On parade a black horsehair plume (red for musicians) replaced the spike.

Troops of the Oldenbourg were completely integrated in the Prussian army without no autonomy..

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